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Are you looking for a guide for Hungry Shark World ? We hope this app will help you and guide you to play the game. This app only contains game play guides, we provide a lot articles containing the game’s play guide. So do not get me wrong, that this app is a game. Immerse yourself in a wonderful and unknown underwater light and become a fierce shark, which is always hungry and always agree for prey.

  • You can purchase a few starter Pets with Gems at first, but you’ll need to unlock certain shark types or complete a major task before the rest of your Pets become available.
  • Hungry Shark Heroes is a strategy and management based game that puts you in charge of a coral reef where you can create a shark colony.
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  • Grow and evolve your shark to be bigger and better.

Speaking of getting killed, the controls could really use some fine-tuning. Hungry Shark World is controlled by a roaming joystick of sorts on your touchscreen; as long as you’ve got a finger pressed down on the screen, you can move your shark wherever you like. It’s decent, but it’s not very precise at all, and precision is very important in a game where you typically have to avoid hazards like volcanic geysers, clouds of poison and inedible fish. Trying to kill sharks in particular is very difficult due to their extreme aggression and erratic swimming patterns. There’s only one extra small shark, and you’ll get it as soon as you start the game. This thing can eat small fish, and some humans – but you’ll need to unlock the next size of shark to really start exploring.

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When you do eventually die, you’ll have an option to save your shark by watching a video or spending gems. You must be very quick if you want to do this because the option disappears in just about a second. In the store, you can purchase a map for coins which will help you orient yourself and avoid dead ends where you’ll likely starve. This Hungry Shark World map will also show you one or two HUNGRY letters. Hungry Shark World Hack will let you get bypass in-app purchases and extra items in the game at no charge.

To unlock the extra extra large sharks you must complete missions or use gems to purchase them. Extra extra large sharks consist of the Basking Shark, Whale Shark, and the Great White Shark. These sharks are the biggest and baddest in the game, however, they must be purchased using coins after they are unlocked. To unlock all the extra large sharks you must complete missions or unlock them using gems. Extra large sharks include Megamouth, Great Hammerhead, and Tiger Shark. Before you can use these sharks in a game you must purchase them using coins.

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Your environment can tell a story and it can dictate how your shark will look or what it will be doing. Draw the background first or have one in mind to inform your shark drawing. This works for any type of shark illustration, cartoon to realistic or whatever you dream up. When you activate it, your shark will grow to an enormous size and is able to eat anything. An XS shark with a HUNGRY bonus can eat even the largest whales and toughest hostile sharks.