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First 5 is a daily bible study app brought to you by Proverbs 31 Ministries. First 5 was specifically designed to greet you with a short teaching in God’s Word each day, before you get distracted by social media and everything else screaming for your attention. Using WORDsearch has also completely changed HOW I do my studies! When you open the app, it will automatically open your last read book instead of showing you the library screen. You can disable this feature in the app settings. While you are reading your Bible, we will show you pertinent cross reference information from your commentaries, dictionaries, and study Bible notes as you change your current verse location.

Professor Orloff used it for his translations at the end of the last century, and Isabel Hapgood’s Service Book of 1906 and 1922 made it the “official” translation for a whole generation of American Orthodox. Unfortunately, both Orloff and Hapgood used a different version for the Psalms , thereby giving us two translations in the same services. This was rectified in 1949 by the Service Book of the Antiochian Archdiocese, which replaced the Prayer Book psalms with those from the King James Version and made some other corrections. This beautiful translation, reproducing the stately prose of 1611, was the work of Fathers Upson and Nicholas. It is still in widespread use to this day, and has familiarized thousands of believers with the KJV. For commercial and charitable publishers, editions of the Authorized Version without the Apocrypha reduced the cost, while having increased market appeal to non-Anglican Protestant readers.

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Bible App by Olive Tree also features a powerful The Bible App Resource Guide that links your Bible text with outstanding study Bibles, maps, commentaries, and more for an in-depth Bible study experience. However, I do have a suggestion for future updates in the future. Of course, it’s just a suggestion, so you guys may already have something else planned or are doing something else, and that’s totally fine. My one suggestion is if our notes that we take could be seen where we’ve taken the note. As of right now, I can’t really find where my past notes are, and I think it’d be cool to look back on them when reading a book, chapter or verse again to see how that specific part of the Bible impacted us.

I want the msn.com back without deleting and re-adding the email account because I don’t want to lose my Sent files. It sounds like the email account is added via a profile which must have been added at some point, perhaps through a job or an app. You’d need to delete the profile that added the email account. My settings list mail, contacts, and calendar listed separately. I can’t figure out how to get to the delete option for my email account. Just be aware that removing an account to delete the messages locally from your device will not delete them from the mail server.

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It’s incredibly handy consolidate all your reading materials into one place, so make use of the Send to Kindle feature whenever you can. Kindle digital textbooks are usually cheaper to buy than physical textbooks, but you don’t get the benefit of selling them back to the bookstore at the end of the semester. So, if you’re on the fence about buying your books on your Kindle—don’t buy them.

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  • Also agreed upon for most New King James Bibles were easier event descriptions, a history of each book, and added dictionary and updated concordance.
  • C. We will have some understanding of why the newer translations such as the NIV and NASV differ from the King James Versions at various points.
  • You can either read it or listen or do both at the same time.
  • years after Wycliffe’s death, church officials dig up his bones, burn them, and scatter the ashes on Swift River.