Intercourse organs fetish

Intercourse organs fetish

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Objectophilia, Fetishism and Neo-Sexuality Falling in deep love with Things

Sandy K. ‘s relationship to your Twin Towers is significantly uncommon.

Foto: Anne Schonharting / Ostkreuz

Nov. 9, 1989 had been a day that is terrible Eija-Riita Eklof-Mauer. A horde that is rampant on her behalf spouse in Berlin, mauling him with hammers and tearing entire chunks away from their human anatomy. “Using The psychological bonds, deep love, good memories as well as him. The only method to endure is always to ‘block’ this terrible event, ” the traumatized Swedish girl composed on the site years later on.

On Sept. 11, 2001, Berlin resident Sandy K. ‘s beloved had been publicaly performed from the streets of brand new York. The scenes and times associated with the two crimes could be far aside, but what unites the 2 ladies is really a strange and obsession that is obscure.

Back in 1979, Eklof tied the knot because of the Berlin Wall and lawfully changed her title to mark the event (“Mauer” means “Wall” in German). From the time she ended up being eight years old, Sandy K. Had been hopelessly deeply in love with nyc’s Twin Towers. Neither of those two monumental fans had been recognized for being especially talkative. Nor did they appear to be endowed with characteristics of seduction. 자세히 보기